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19 February 2017 - 21 January 2018


Leidenschaft . Passion  -  In Focus: Pierre Soulages


The exhibition "Leidenschaft . Passion  -  In Focus: Pierre Soulages" opening at Museum Art.Plus on 19 February 2017 showcases works by the French painter Pierre Soulages (born in 1919 in Rodez, France).

An internationally renowned abstract artist, Pierre Soulages has been working exclusively in black since the 1970s, producing monochrome black paintings whose densely impastoed surfaces - at turns matt and glossy - he structures by means of deeply incised horizontal, diagonal or vertical lines and furrows that allow the paintings to enter into an absorbing dialogue with the light that falls on them.


Pierre Soulages © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016


Stefan Rohrer, Vespa, 2007 © Museum Art.Plus


Masayuki Koorida: Axis, 2010 © Museum Art.Plus



Black is a passion.


‘Pour moi, le noir, c'est un excès, une passion.' - ‘For me, black is an excess, a passion,' the artist sums up his obsession with his favourite colour.


Passion is the driving force of art. Complementing Pierre Soulages's paintings in the two central rooms are two- and three-dimensional works by other international artists in the adjacent spaces. The colour black is a leitmotif that runs through the entire exhibition. Abstract or figurative, on its own or in contrast with other colours, it has a different effect in each work.

The multifaceted exhibition allows visitors to reacquaint themselves with works shown over the course of the eight-year history of the museum and to get to know many of the collection's new discoveries.

Participating artists:
Manolo Ballesteros, Darío Alvarez Basso, Luigi Carboni, Tony Cragg, Philippe Dodard, Friedemann Flöther, Karl Gerstner, Ellsworth Kelly, Masayuki Koorida, Gerhard Langenfeld, Thomas Lenk, Helmut Middendorf, François Morellet, Nika Neelova, Nunzio, Pino Pinelli, Pizzi Cannella, Gert Riel, Stefan Rohrer, Piero Ruggeri, Felix Schlenker, Turi Simeti, Pierre Soulages, Sibylle Wagner



A glimpse into the exhibition "Leidenschaft . Passion - In Focus: Pierre Soulages":




12 November 2017 - 11 March 2018


Alfonso Hüppi (in the 2-RAUM of the Museum Art.Plus)


The work of two-time documenta-participant Alfonso Hüppi (*1935 in Freiburg; lives and works in Baden-Baden and Namibia) is multifaceted and reaches from drawing, printmaking and painting to sculpture, reliefs and installations. Blending abstraction and figuration, his work is rich with poetic wit and subtle irony.


Alfonso Hüppi: Ohne Titel, 2007© VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2017


Alfonso Hüppi: Ohne Titel, 2015 © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2017


Portrait Alfonso Hüppi



The exhibition of this year's winner of the Erich Heckel Prize in the 2-Raum offers an insight into the complex work of the passionate and freethinking experimenter since the 1950s.



A glimpse into the exhibition "Alfonso Hüppi" (in the 2-RAUM of the Museum Art.Plus):