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17 February 2019 - 19 January 2020




Museum Art.Plus devotes its big annual exhibition to all things automobile and speed. No other high-tech consumer good has ever been subject to a comparable degree of mythologization. Artistic engagement with cars is almost as old as the car itself. Cars polarise; as an explosive political and social issue, they have always exercised the creative imagination of artists. At the same time, the car remains a symbol of freedom, mobility and adventure - an object of desire and a fetish.


Stefan Rohrer, Helios, 2013, © Museum Art.Plus


Friedemann Flöther, Pole positions, 2005, © Museum Art.Plus


Friedemann Flöther, Pole positions, 2005, © Museum Art.Plus



Museum Art.Plus presents works by international artists who focus on the car and speed. Complementing the display is a group of legendary sports cars that will make the hearts of car enthusiasts skip a beat.


Artists: Axel Bleyer, Dario Escobar (GT/ MX), Rainer Fetting, Jáchym Fleig, Friedemann Flöther, Ileana Florescu (IT), Alastair Gibson (ZA / GB), Patrick Gutenberg (CH), Robert Häusser, Tim Hölscher, Sebastian Kuhn, Jürgen Knubben, Gerhard Langenfeld, Chris Nägele, Rob Pruitt (US), Stefan Rohrer, Fabio Viale (IT), Markus Willeke, Thierry Ysebaert (BE)


>> Photo gallery of the exhibition opening "VOLLGAS - FULL SPEED"



A glimpse into the exhibition "VOLLGAS - FULL SPEED":




30 June - 13 October 2019


Dietmar Henneka and Friends - A Picture of a Car (in the 2-RAUM of the Museum Art.Plus)


Complementing the main exhibition, Museum Art.Plus is presenting works by photographers - some world-famous, others a little less well-known - in its 2-RAUM space. Taken between 1928 and 2012, the photographs focus on the relationship between people and cars and shed light on the close link that has always existed between automobiles and photography.



The exhibition includes works by Dieter Eikelpoth (1950-2015), Elliott Erwitt (*1928, US), Esther Haase (*1966), Peter Lindbergh (*1944), Jean-Daniel Lorieux (*1937, FR), Russell Porcas (*1961, UK), Paolo Roversi (*1947, IT), Anton Stankowski (1906-1998), Alberto Venzago (*1950, CH), Reinhart Wolf (1930-1988) et al.


The idea, the curatorial concept and the selection of photograph were developed by the Stuttgart-based photographer Dietmar Henneka (*1941), whose work is also on show.



>> Photo gallery of the exhibition opening "Dietmar Henneka and Friends"




18 February 2018 - 19 January 2020


Pierre Soulages (Special display in the extension of Museum Art.Plus)


Museum Art.Plus is presenting a a selection of works by the French painter Pierre Soulages (*1919 Rodez, FR) in its modern extension.


Soulages one of the leading international abstract artists and one of the last living members of a generation that redefined modern art after the end of the Second World War. The colour black has always been central to his creative practice.






‘Pour moi, le noir, c'est un excès, une passion.' - ‘For me, black is an excess, a passion,' the artist sums up his obsession with his favourite colour.

Since the end of the 1970s, Soulages has been painting only monochrome black canvases. He refers to them as ‘Outrenoirs' (beyond black). Their densely impastoed, surfaces - part glossy, part matte - are structured and enlivened by deep diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines and furrows. The way these enter into a fascinating and ever-changing dialogue with the light bears out the artist's contention that for him black is a colour of light.