The Message

The MUSEUM ART.PLUS - Passion for Contemporary Art

Passion for contemporary art has created a comprehensive collection of highest international standards over the last three decades.


Passion for the classicist museum building of 1841. The building was in an advanced state of decay and was extensively renovated and expanded by the Swiss architect team Gäbele-Raufer.


A passionate commitment to the region and the city of Donaueschingen. This collection would have easily found its audience in the great metropolises of the world. Now locals and travelers alike can share this unique art-experience.



A passion beyond the visual arts fills the house with high-quality theater and performances. Initiatives such as public readings, open-air cinema and a diverse range of art-education programs for the young and the adults, allow for constantly renewed artistic experiences.


The MUSEUM ART.PLUS understands itself not as a routined friend of the arts, but as passionate lover, who feels enamoured by their beauty each day anew.


An excursion to this lively art-forum creates intergenerational memories for all senses.




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