Salon of Reflection (Spiegelsaal Museum Art.Plus)

As you enter the Salon of Reflection (Spiegelsaal) at the Museum Art.Plus, you enter a room of enchantment and wonderment. An immense chandelier fills and dominates the centre of the room. The light-coloured parquet flooring mirrors the design of the panelled ceiling. Cornices with floral ornamentation, columns, pilasters and galleries create an ambience full of atmosphere.
The historic fabric of the room has been cleaned and restored in the minutest detail so that the Salon of Reflection, with its light paintwork and delicate leaf gilding, is restored to its original, gleaming glory.


The salon can be hired for events.



Facts about the Salon of Reflection:


Size: 165 m²
Height: 7.80 m
Windows: 5 windows and 5 fanlights, with a southern aspect
Floor: oiled ash parquet, with white pigmentation
Capacity: 150 seating places, depending on the layout
Usage: concerts, seminars, recitals, press conferences, award ceremonies and similar events
Prices and other conditions:


on request


Tomislav Pavrlisak

Phone: +49 (0)771-89 66 89-12

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