Highway Patrol

Stefan Rohrer, 2014
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    This ambivalence is very important to me, as is the narrative aspect of the works. Basically, each of them is a short story. Each object oscillates between appealing, witty, jolly, but very often it could also veer to something really awful: loss of control, accident, thrown out of the curve by centrifugal forces, disintegration. The works combine motion and solidification, reality and deception, playfulness and seriousness. Duality is key. After all, all vehicles embody a little of our dreams and fantasies of faster locomotion, which is unfortunately fraught with danger. I visualise the intoxicating rush of speed – catastrophes included. The flip side of the heady potential for acceleration is destruction. Sometimes I give them associative titles like Whiplash Injury, or I simply call them Highway Patrol.

    Stefan Rohrer, 2022
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    Room 1 on the ground floor
Stefan Rohrer, Highway patrol, 2014
Stefan Rohrer, Highway patrol, 2014