Sebastian Kuhn, 2011
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    The title of the work Z4UTURNAROUNDROTATION (2011) contains the instruction: u-turn … around … rotation! The starting point for this work is a so-called Erlkönig, the Goethe-derived German term for an automotive development mule. Goethe’s famous ballad is merely the eponym for the prototype of a car which, for reasons of secrecy, is camouflaged or disguised during testing. Sebastian Kuhn used the bodies of three BMWs from the Z4 series.
    Matt black paint and chamfered aluminium sheets replicate the strategies used to disguise the shape of mules. Kuhn deconstructed the real car and constructed a monumental object that looks as if it has been deformed through several spatial dimensions. To understand the object as the sum of a crash test would thus be too one-dimensional. It embodies a multiple object that reveals its multifaceted folding principle in a great rededication.

  • Location
    Room 2 on the ground floor
Sebastian Kuhn, Z4UTURNAROUNDROTATION, 2011, in the background: Markus Willeke, Nightrider II, 2002 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 & Museum Art.Plus