L.i.t. (Landschaft ist tröstlich) series of works

Simone Demandt, since 1996
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    They are pictorial inventions found by the artist. However, the found object is not presented to us in its entirety, but only in carefully chosen, telling details that reveal the psychotechnical structure of the subconscious advertising of cars. After all, car manufactures have no interest in selling the landscape experience that Simone Demandt has made the focus of attention here. The car seems to be submerged in the landscape, buried or parked and abandoned, protruding from the landscape at the lower edge of the image as the last vestige of a lost civilisation. The automobile industry is shown as a project of failed megalomania. As ironic as the title Landscape is Comforting may seem, it becomes ominous in the face of the possible disappearance of such mobility.

  • Location
    Raum 2 on the ground floor
Simone Demandt, Fotoserie L. i. t., 1996 © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2022