Fabio Viale
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    The work Stars (Constellation), made up of 55 pieces of layers of tyre tread attached to the wall, from which pointed metal inserts emerge, is enhanced by the light reflected on these shards, which are illuminated like an infinite series of small mirrors which thin out from the top downwards. The reflected light eliminates the gaps between the different elements to create a single emotion (or block) like a star-spangled sky.

    Not incidentally the wall looks like a leather jacket (punk rock), of the type originally associated with bikers, motorcycles and tyre treads. The first example is Marlon Brando, star of the 1953 film The Wild One, who wore a Schott Perfecto 618 jacket (in horsehide) modified by the film production unit, with his name (Johnny) emblazoned on the chest and the famous insignia with a skull (no less) above crossed pistons painted on the back.

  • Location
    Room 4 on the ground floor
Fabio Viale, Stars, 2015