Rosso Corsa

Gerhard Langenfeld, 2007
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    Rosso Corsa of 2007 lifts an emotionally charged colour out of its everyday context and recontextualises it. Image and likeness, reality and appearance, action and reaction, real and fake are among the issues thematised in this work. Two aluminium panels painted with the legendary Ferrari red are positioned at a 90-degree angle to two photographs of the same size showing the selfsame car paint panels, so that the two diptychs mirror each other. Moreover: the actual gallery space, which the viewer sees in real time, can also be perceived in the secondary reality of the mirror image and, thirdly, as the image of a mirror image in a bygone time. Several dimensions of space and time are conflated in this work. The artist aims to work against the one-dimensional representation and interpretation of reality. Using the tools of his trade, he focuses on the very act of seeing itself. The far from exhausted possibilities of pared-back, monochrome painting as well as the question of reality in paintings and photographs are central to this work.

  • Location
    Room 5 on the upper floor
Gerhard Langenfeld, Rosso Corsa, 2007