Friedemann Flöther, 2013
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    The five linked up, two-dimensional letters form an onomatopoeic word that conveys the sound of a passing car. More precisely, a powerful racing car tearing along a track at high speed. We are familiar with these made-up onomatopoeia from comic strips, where the sound of high-powered engines may be rendered in a similar way.

    The bright red engine bonnet, from which the letters have been cut with a rough tool, may once have been part of one of these fast cars. The multiply dented surface, scratches and chipped paint suggest that an unfortunate event brought the noisy speed rush to an abrupt end.

    The dynamic tension of this 2013 work is the result of the close juxtaposition of opposing elements such as triumph and failure, beauty and destruction.

  • Location
    Room 5 on the upper floor
Friedemann Flöther, RROOAR, 2013