Luigi Mainolfi, 2007
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    The title combines the Italian words ‘scosso’ and ‘sole’. At the Palio di Siena, ‘scosso’ is the name given to a horse that has thrown its rider and gallops on alone. I am inspired by its reclaimed autonomy and headlong impetuousness ... I tried to connect ‘scosso’ with ‘sole’, sun, in both form and content.

    The horse tries to become the sun: it is ablaze, its limbs turn into rays that radiate from and through the whole body. The sun turns horse, the horse turns sun. Perhaps another creature that develops a life and light of its own, to ascend the heavens and join the many stars and planets that embody or represent other animals, symbols and meanings.

    Luigi Mainolfi, 2022
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Luigi Mainolfi, Scossole, 2007