José Bedia, 2019
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    The work deals with an animal immersed in a vacuum, which is the immensity of the ocean. Therefore, any direction that this animal takes, is equally valuable and unlimited, making the animal inherently free. The animal in question is a marine turtle, especially in this case a Leatherback sea turtle, also known in Mexico as "Siete Filos" (Seven Edges), because it has 7 longitudinal lines marked on its back. I have frequently and throughout many years visited the Seri community (Kunkaak people) of the Sonoran Desert, in front of the Cortez Sea.

    They consider this animal sacred, because it represents the carnal and living representation of their ancestors who sometimes suddenly reappear (that's why the turtle in my work, also has a human profile and face). When it occasionally appears near their shores, the Seri capture the turtle, immobilize it, build it a small roof to cover it from the sun, and then paint it with sacred symbols, so that they can perform a ceremony over the course of two days, after which they let it go to return to the ocean.

    José Bedia, 2022
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José Bedia, Turtle, 2019