Solipsis VI

Wim Botha, 2013/2014
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    There is a possibility that none of what we experience as this life, is real; that we are making it up as we go along. Only my, or your, existence can be truly said to be real, because you, or I, are living it.

    This is an extension of Descartes’ famous maxim: I think, therefore I am. Solipsism flows from this idea – solo ipsis – only the self exists. These works invite dream imagery, sweeping and imaginary, into our lived experience. I use a technique that allows me to make these forms without knowing what they are.

    The creation happens inside a block of polystyrene. Only once it is done, does the pieces come apart and can I confront the reality created by my movements, coming into existence as I am thinking it.

    Wim Botha, 2022
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Wim Botha, Solipsis VI, 2013/2014