Booking offers

If you are interested in the following offers or if you have any other questions, you will get booking information and options under:


Phone: +49 (0)771-89 66 89-0


Group guided tours:
(German, English, French)



Monday - Sunday:
€ 80,00



Group concession:
from 10 persons
€ 5,00 each



Group concession:
from 10 senior citizens
€ 3,00 each



Group concession:
for 10 youth/ students/ visitors with disabilities
No charge



Children's guided tours:



Monday - Friday:
€ 35,00



€ 45,00



Group concession:
for 10 youth
No charge





All group prices are exclusive of the reduced entrance price. Admission is free of charge for children up to 12 years old.