Seliger - Gerullis - Seliger

03.04. – 16.10.2022, in the 2-Raum + Annex

What happens when different members of an artist family explore questions of art and exchange ideas? When three different approaches lead to one joint exhibition? A great challenge in many respects, and not something you’d find every day!

Works from Florence, Berlin and Freiburg for wall, floor and space in two and three dimensions are brought together with an eye to overall harmony rather than juxtaposition.

The exhibition presents large wall tableaus by Reiner Seliger, incisions, gestural paintings and installations by Heidi Gerullis and small-scale sculptures and geometric cut paper grids by Violetta Elisa Seliger.

In short, an intriguing dialogue, a challenge, a triple jump – open-ended.

Order is something artificial. The natural is chaos.

Heidi Gerullis quotes Arthur Schnitzler (†1931)

From surface to space, a dialogue between two- and three-dimensional.

violetta Elisa Seliger

Every material holds a secret. You have to be gentle with it.

Reiner Seliger