b e t w e e n | Michael Danner - Sebastian Kuhn - Gert Riel

28.02.2016 – 22.01.2017, Museum

Three sculptors are the focus of b e t w e e n, the new exhibition at Museum Art.Plus. In their fascinating sculptures, installations and spatial structures Michael Danner, Sebastian Kuhn and Gert Riel explore the interplay between tension, gravity and equilibrium. Using different materials to give shape to their investigation of these intriguing relationships, they home in on in-between states and moments of transition.

Michael Danner (b. 1951 in Neu-Ulm) creates pared down, concentrated spatial structures that look like delicate three-dimensional drawings in space. The steady interplay of gravity, tension and equilibrium gives his objects and installations their easily varied form. Consisting of spring steel wires tensioned with weights, they visualise moments of transition from one state to the next in a continuous, almost meditative form.

Movement and physical perception are also central to the installations and sculptures by Sebastian Kuhn (b. 1977 in Krumbach). To experience the three-dimensionality and the many different aspects of his large-scale works or spatial installations, it is necessary to walk around them. Kuhn arranges everyday objects - among them pianos, beds, lamps and electric cables - in new and unexpected ways, repurposing them or breaking them open to explore processes of transformation and novel relationships between objects and content.

Gert Riel (b. 1941 in Prien/Chiemsee) has been investigating the interaction between plane and volume for a good forty years. In his metal sculptures he gives visible expression to the inherent but invisible strength and elasticity of his chosen material. His practice is characterised by a steady paring down of forms and material. Since 2008 Riel has been incorporating more and more colour into his work, expanding the language of sculpture to include that of painting. His enamelled aluminium wall pieces, which allow colour to assume a volumetric presence, oscillate between materiality and immateriality.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • b e t w e e n

    Michael Danner - Sebastian Kuhn - Gert Riel
    Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2016 (Language: German / English)