Back to the Roots

10.04.2011 – 12.02.2012, Museum

David Nash - Werner Pokorny - Jinmo Kang - Unen Enkh

The four artists combine different natural materials such as wood, stone or felt into symbolic primordial forms. Their pared down yet sensual sculptures and objects reference life and the creativity and transience of man and nature. 

British artist David Nash has been exploring the plasticity, strength and vulnerability of wood for decades, transforming it into concise and powerful sculptures. He often constructs geometric forms from wood, pitting artificiality against nature.

Wood is also key to Werner Pokorny's work, where it is shaped into the basic forms of human civilisation such as houses, bowls, vessels, ladders and other such implements.

The philosophical moment of the reflection of nature in the work of art is central to the work of Korean artist Jinmo Kang. His 'portraits' recreate natural models, forming complex multifaceted and therefore more comprehensive likenesses.

The artist Unen Enkh uses felt, iron wire, horse hair and twined hemp, transforming these archaic materials into highly personal and poetic forms and objects. Fascinating and exotic, his works are rooted in the traditions of his native Mongolia.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Back to the Roots

    David Nash - Werner Pokorny - Jinmo Kang - Unen Enkh
    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2011 (Language: German, English)