British Art⁺

01.03.2015 – 17.01.2016, Museum

Five British artists - four sculptors and a painter - are the focus of this year's temporary exhibition British Art+, which opened on 1 March 2015 at Museum Art.Plus.

In their works the artists engage with manmade nature such as city parks and gardens and with the people and animals who occupy these urban landscapes, but also with the natural phenomena that provide the inspiration for their work.

The exhibition presents sculptures and drawings by David Nash and Nigel Hall, two of the most renowned British contemporary sculptors. They are complemented by works by Kenny Hunter and May Cornet as well as paintings by Matthew Radford.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • British Art⁺

    Nigel Hall - David Nash - Kenny Hunter - Matthew Radford - May Cornet
    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2015 (Language: German, English)
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