22.09. – 30.10.2011, in the 2-Raum

Photographic works from Ralf Brunner,
on the occasion of the CHI Fürst Joachim zu Fürstenberg Memorial Tournament

As the Donaueschingen Horse Show reaches one of its high spots when the four-in-hand marathon drives spectacularly through the Brigach, it is no surprise for regular visitors to the show to see a photographer standing in the middle of the water hazard calmly taking photographs, apparently unperturbed by what is going on around him.

It is photographer and photo-journalist Ralf Brunner, who originates from Donauseschingen and now lives in Hamburg. For many years, this has been one of his favourite locations for taking some of his best and most impressive pictures.

A selection of his best works is on show in the Museum Biedermann from 22nd September 2011.