Gert Riel - Dynamic Tension

21.11.2021 – 20.03.2022, in the 2-Raum + Annex

This exhibition at Museum Art.Plus marks the 80th birthday of the sculptor Gert Riel.

Interview with Gert Riel (in German)

Many visitors are familiar with his powerful steel sculptures and breezy aluminium pieces. The recent works shown here are made of standard tension belts, which the artist uses to expansive weave planar volumes. These can be unpicked – and it is only because of this that it was possible to install these large-scale works in our 2-Raum space and in the extension to the museum.

The surfaces are touched with no more than a hint of colour. When walking around the sculptures, viewers find themselves discovering new exciting perspectives with every step they take.

Talk to the material, it will definitely answer.

Gert Riel, 2021


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Gert Riel

    Brochure, Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen, 2022 (Language: German, English)