Karolin Bräg - It has always been referred to as a Museum...

25.09.2016 – 26.03.2017, in the 2-Raum

The history of the building of today's Museum Art.Plus is colourful. Ownership and use changed several times as a function of the events of the day, but throughout its existence, the inhabitants of Donaueschingen have always referred to it as their ‘museum'.

In 2014 Karolin Bräg (born 1961, lives and works in Munich) conducted a series of very personal and intense conversations about the history of the building with some fifty contemporary witnesses of different generations. The conversations were all structured around the questions: ‘What does the museum mean to me?' and ‘What is its change to do with me?' The answers were as varied as the background, social status and age of the people interviewed.

A selection of one hundred and eleven quotations offers a glimpse of the essence of the respondents' thoughts and sensitivities and draws an inner picture of the museum. In the site-specific text work, which is presented in the 2-Raum, the respondents' words come together to form a multifaceted mosaic. Their isolation and fragmentation allow the viewer to connect the written word with their own thoughts and ideas and thus to complete the image.

With the support of: Hoffmann Druck GmbH und Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen