Lothar Quinte - Sibylle Wagner : WECHSELBLICK

02.07. – 15.10.2017, in the 2-Raum

The third exhibition of the year in the 2-RAUM is devoted to Lothar Quinte and Sibylle Wagner.

Lothar Quinte (1923 - 2000) is recognised as a major German artist. His oeuvre mirrors the development of Modernism since 1945. Form, line, colour and movement are of primary importance; structure and composition are foregrounded. The freedom of art is the decisive element and gives rise to abstract paintings full of colour fields that either remain monochrome, black, occasionally cloudy or that are violently broken open by thin slashes of light and lines of intense colour.

Sibylle Wagner (*1952) picks up on Quinte's colour fields and play of light and carries them forward into the twenty-first century. Operating at the intersection between the disciplines of performance art, sculpture, painting and printmaking, she uses a wide range of materials from bronze to neon-coloured Perspex to create light objects and monochrome photographs. In many of her works, she takes Quinte's luminous slashes to a new level. Elliptically penetrating the surface and plummeting into the depth, they accentuate a body of work that is redolent with philosophical social critique and eroticism.

Text: Dr. Susanne Rockweiler, deputy director Berliner Festspiele / Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin