Reinhard Klessinger - zwischenzeitundraum zwischenraumundzeit

In his works, Reinhard Klessinger (b. 1947) consistently draws attention to the dual meaning of the word reflection as mirroring and as intellectual engagement and, in so doing, fosters a special relationship to the perception of our surroundings and the objects we see.

In the current exhibition, the St. Blasien-born artist is showing works from 1987 and from the last two years. In both periods, Klessinger incorporated reflective materials as a sculptural element into his works. This ambivalence, of “digressing” into unfamiliar territory and being thrown back on one’s own point of view, is an essential characteristic of Klessinger’s work as a sculptor and draughtsman.

God knows what kind of metaphysics and geometries the invention of mirrors and window glass may have generated among flies!

Paul Valéry
Opening Speech Dietrich Roeschmann


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  • Reinhard Klessinger - zwischenzeitundraum zwischenraumundzeit

    Brochure, Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen, 2024 (Language: German/ English)