Robert Hak - 100 Donaueschinger

27.09. – 11.10.2020, in the 2-Raum

On the occasion of our anniversary celebration ‘10 years Museum Art.Plus' and the opening of the exhibition ‘VOLLGAS - FULL SPEED' in 2019, the media artist Robert Hak spent two days portraying 100 guests and visitors, temporary Donaueschingers as well as numerous ‘proper' citizens of Donaueschingen.

He asked them to complete banal statements such as ‘As a child I always wanted...' or ‘I get homesick when...' or ‘In this life I absolutely still want...'. The result is a non-representative reflection of the people gathered in a special place at a special time. Participants answered the questions willingly, giving their name, age and profession. Thus, nothing is anonymous, nobody can hide, and everyone - their claim to individuality notwithstanding - belongs to the group and makes it a whole.