Ulrich Möckel

24.06. – 14.10.2018, in the 2-Raum

Ulrich Möckel's (*1949) principal interest is the tree and, with it, the material wood. He explores its potential and range between natural and artificial form and the depth of symbolism that attaches to it.

Möckel's starting point is usually the tree as he finds it in nature. He draws, processes and abstracts it. He may recreate its contours and cross sections in different materials such as iron, concrete or neon tubes, or work the wood in ways that give it a new, unfamiliar appearance, without, however, changing its character.

Driven by his desire to form and to learn, the sculptor explores the phenomena of forest and tree and their aesthetics in ever greater depth to create a continuous stream of symbolically charged works.

The exhibition at Museum Art.Plus presents a representative selection of drawings and sculptures from the past two decades as well as brand new works.