Ursula Buchegger, 2024
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    Almost two decades ago, I became fascinated by the beauty, transparency and variety of colours of mass-produced everyday goods. They not only became my primary material that opened up exciting possibilities, they also became a constant source of inspiration that fuelled my creativity. My installations are inspired by clouds, soapsuds, grass carpets and pillars of heaven. In my eyes, they are aesthetic, unconventional, friendly and cheerful. They often unfold their effect in interaction with nature. The putatively unfit and inartistic industrial material of plastic may just open up a new perspective on both worlds. Over the years, the production and use of plastic and packaging materials has come under increasing scrutiny. The EU has already banned plastic drinking straws, which may be a start.

    In this context, my installations stimulate discussions and raise questions, for example when the use of plastic makes sense and when it is unnecessary. Art can be a powerful tool for communicating important social issues. My stocks of plastic straws are dwindling. This once widely used disposable product has now become rare. It’s not about condemning plastic, but about raising awareness of its potential and promoting a respectful approach to it. Respect for the environment and the materials is paramount. I can assure you of one thing: none of my drinking straws end up in the sea.
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