Chevrolet Corvette - The American Sports Car Icon

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    In 1953, the American car giant surprised its customers with the first US sports car. The Corvette was a very sporty two-seater with a fibreglass-reinforced body and a simple fabric roof. A novelty for the car world and still something special for experts today.

    The models exhibited can be categorised as follows:

    • the red Corvette is the original model built in 1954 with the 6-cylinder Blue Flame 150 engine
    • the black Corvette from 1957 already had the legendary Chevy 8-cylinder small-block engine with approx. 250 hp and a 4-speed manual gearbox - both a novelty for the US market
    • the white Corvette from 1972 was part of the C3 Stingray model series and is also known among insiders as the "Coke Bottle" due to its unique body shape

    The Corvette series is still produced by General Motors today, but now as a very modern mid-engined sports car.

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