Drawings on Paper

Astrid Köppe
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    In addition to ink and pencil, Berlin artist Astrid Köppe also uses velvety pastels and iridescent watercolours for her drawings. This attention to texture and materiality allows viewers to enjoy a near-tactile experience of her works on paper. Resolutely abstract, the carefully drawn forms and elaborately finished surfaces defy easy categorisation. The quirky shapes created by the artist may look familiar, but they do not depict any objects. At first glance, they appear to be taken from nature, but the picture puzzle remains unresolved.

    Köppe’s seemingly biomorphic figures converge in a carefully conceived interplay of shapes and colours that bears witness to the artist’s boundless imagination. Only at the very beginning do they refer to things actually seen, only to morph into something more concentrated and to be caught up in autonomous choreographies.
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