23.10.2022 – 26.02.2023, in the 2-Raum, Annex

With Jörg Bach (*1964), we have a regional artist who also enjoys international renown as our guest in the 2-Raum.

Bach works with a material that requires consummate craftsmanship and the use of machines and tools such as welding equipment, burnishers, hammers, pliers and clamps. His sculptures create three-dimensional space and offer intriguing views through and beyond the works. The artist is concerned with the essence of humanity; with his own thoughts and feelings and his relationship with himself and others.

Jakob Leander Bach (*1990), son of Jörg Bach, works at the interface of art, design and craft. He is particularly fascinated by the material qualities of silver. Jakob Leander Bach mostly creates one-of-a-kind pieces. His objects look raw and robust; they recall natural forms such as rock formations or ice floes.

The unknown wants to be discovered, and perhaps it is the task of the artist to approach what he does not suspect.

Jörg Bach

I want my works to be like natural finds turned into silver.

Jakob Leander Bach


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Jörg Bach + Jakob Leander Bach

    Brochure, Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen, 2023 (Language: German)

Pierre Soulages

18.02.2018 – 11.10.2020, Annex

Museum Art.Plus is presenting a a selection of works by the French painter Pierre Soulages (*1919 Rodez, FR) in its modern extension.

Soulages one of the leading international abstract artists and one of the last living members of a generation that redefined modern art after the end of the Second World War. The colour black has always been central to his creative practice.

Pour moi, le noir, c'est un excès, une passion. For me, black is an excess, a passion,' the artist sums up his obsession with his favourite colour.

Pierre Soulages

Since the end of the 1970s, Soulages has been painting only monochrome black canvases. He refers to them as ‘Outrenoirs' (beyond black). Their densely impastoed, surfaces - part glossy, part matte - are structured and enlivened by deep diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines and furrows. The way these enter into a fascinating and ever-changing dialogue with the light bears out the artist's contention that for him black is a colour of light.