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We are looking forward to the first Donaueschingen Museum Night and have come up with a great programme for young and old.

Inside the museum:

On the museum forecourt:

On Friday, 11 March 2022, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the Museum Art.Plus and the Women's Forum invite all women to visit the current exhibitions "Durchstarten - Take Off" and "Gert Riel - Dynamic Tenison".

Admission is free and all visitors will receive a small gift. The museum is open from 11am to 5pm.


A cooperation of the Women's Forum Donaueschingen and the Museum Art.Plus

Departure - 4 Aspects of Contemporary Art

07.03. – 22.08.2010, Museum

Andreas Kocks - Sebastian Kuhn - Nunzio - Reiner Seliger

Characteristic of the room-consuming work of Andreas Kocks, Sebastian Kuhn, Reiner Seliger and Nunzio is the intense struggle with different materials, with classical and contemporary principles of shape as well as the idea of the dynamic and the static. Accepted rules and structures are broken apart and put back together in new and surprising forms. The transformation of the materials on the one side and the ever-changing perspective of the observer on the other, together play a very significant role. 


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Auf:bruch / Departure

    4 Positionen zeitgenössischer Kunst / Four Aspects of Contemporary Art
    Andreas Kocks - Sebastian Kuhn - Nunzio - Reiner Seliger
    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2010 (Language: German, English)


19.09.2010 – 13.03.2011, Museum

Gert Riel - Camill Leberer - Markus F. Strieder - Stefan Rohrer - Friedemann Flöther

Bent, forged, cut, soldered, polished to a mirror finish or engraved, metal stirs the imagination of the five sculptors presented in the new exhibition at Museum Biedermann and is key to their creative practice. The sculptor Gert Riel, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday in January 2011, was head of the metal workshop in the sculpture department of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design from 1974 to 2005. There he met the four other artists of the exhibition whose works are now part of the Biedermann collection.

Metal as a medium of artistic expression, Gert Riel's workshop encounters with artists of different generations and their reunion in the Biedermann collection are at the heart of the third exhibition at Museum Biedermann. The exhibition presents sculptures and wall-based works and offers intriguing insights into the way different artists investigate the near-infinite expressive potential of the weighty yet hugely ductile and responsive material.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Metall:Werke / Metal:Works

    Gert Riel - Camill Leberer - Markus F. Strieder - Stefan Rohrer - Friedemann Flöther
    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2010 (Language: German, English. Supplement: French)

Back to the Roots

10.04.2011 – 12.02.2012, Museum

David Nash - Werner Pokorny - Jinmo Kang - Unen Enkh

The four artists combine different natural materials such as wood, stone or felt into symbolic primordial forms. Their pared down yet sensual sculptures and objects reference life and the creativity and transience of man and nature. 

British artist David Nash has been exploring the plasticity, strength and vulnerability of wood for decades, transforming it into concise and powerful sculptures. He often constructs geometric forms from wood, pitting artificiality against nature.

Wood is also key to Werner Pokorny's work, where it is shaped into the basic forms of human civilisation such as houses, bowls, vessels, ladders and other such implements.

The philosophical moment of the reflection of nature in the work of art is central to the work of Korean artist Jinmo Kang. His 'portraits' recreate natural models, forming complex multifaceted and therefore more comprehensive likenesses.

The artist Unen Enkh uses felt, iron wire, horse hair and twined hemp, transforming these archaic materials into highly personal and poetic forms and objects. Fascinating and exotic, his works are rooted in the traditions of his native Mongolia.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Back to the Roots

    David Nash - Werner Pokorny - Jinmo Kang - Unen Enkh
    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2011 (Language: German, English)


18.03. – 24.06.2012, Museum

Scholars of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg at Museum Biedermann

The new exhibition at Museum Biedermann invites visitors to discover a broad spectrum of contemporary young art. Sixteen scholars of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation) present work ranging from photography, collage, painting and drawing to sculpture and installation. Every year the Stuttgart-based Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg awards a number of scholarships in the disciplines of music, literature and fine art. A panel of experts selects the young artists who either live or have been born in Baden-Württemberg. 

Museum Biedermann is opening its rooms to the awardees of 2010 and 2011 and provides them with an opportunity to exhibit together. For the first time since its inauguration in the autumn of 2009 the museum presents an exhibition that does not spring from the collection put together by Margit and Lutz Biedermann but from the collectors' desire for close cooperation with the young talents of the region. Bernd Milla, managing director of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg states, ‘We are absolutely delighted to be able to exhibit in this wonderful space; the strength of art sponsorship in Baden-Württemberg rests on the cooperation between private and public patrons'.

Running from 18 March to 24 June 2012 at Museum Biedermann, excellent! presents works by sixteen young artists: Björn Braun, Jens Braun, Johannes Esper, Marcel Frey, Manuel Gnam, Andreas Lorenschat, Mirko Martin, Christl Mudrak, Gabriela Oberkofler, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Hannes Schmidt, Hanna Schwarz, Katrin Ströbel, Alex Tennigkeit, Michaela Tröscher, Pablo Wendel. This group exhibition was put together and organised by the Berlin curator, Carina Herring.

Museum Biedermann in cooperation with the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • ausgezeichnet!

    Scholarship holders 2010 / 2011 of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg as guests at Museum Biedermann
    A slipcase with 16 artists' brochures designed by the artists themselves and a brochure accompanying the exhibition
    Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg / Museum Biedermann, Stuttgart 2012, (Language: German)

Premio Fondazione VAF - Current Positions in Italian Art

08.07. – 16.09.2012, Museum

This summer, in cooperation with the VAF Foundation, Museum Biedermann will present works by young Italian artists.

The Frankfurt-based foundation was established in 2001 by entrepreneur Volker W. Feierabend whose business links with Italy kindled a passion for Italian art which he has been pursuing as a collector for the past thirty years. The mission of the foundation is to promote Italian art and to introduce it to audiences beyond the confines of Italy, above all in Germany.

The Premio Fondazione VAF has been awarded to young Italian artists every two years since 2003. It seeks to support and publicise innovative positions in current Italian art through exhibition and the publication of a catalogue. Dr. Volker W. Feierabend, the Milan-based German art collector and initiator of the VAF Foundation, and an international jury select a group of fifteen artists to participate in an exhibition and award the prize to one of the contestants.

This year's exhibition, which will be shown at the Stadtgalerie Kiel before coming to the Museum Biedermann and then the Centro Internazionale per Arte Contemporanea at the Castello Colonna in Genazzano near Rome, offers a glimpse of current artistic practice, ranging from photography, painting, drawing to sculpture, and evinces a strong trend towards the use of more innovative techniques and media. The participating artists are Francesco Arena, Veronica Botticelli, Giulia Caira, Aron Demetz, Mariana Ferratto, Luigi Gariglio, Michele Manfellotto, Marzia Migliora, Simone Pellegrini, Luana Perilli, Donato Piccolo, Mariagrazia Pontorno, Moira Ricci, Rosy Rox, Vincenzo Rulli and Massimiliano Zaffino.

Museum Biedermann in cooperation with the VAF Foundation


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Premio Fondazione VAF

    Current Positions in Italian Art
    Stadtgalerie Kiel / Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / Castello Colonna Di Genazzano - Centro Internazionale per l'Arte Contemporanea (CIAC) 2012
    VAF Foundation, Frankfurt (Language: German, Italian)


14.10.2012 – 16.06.2013, Museum

Italian art has always held a special place in the Biedermann Collection.
The exhibition opening in October 2012 will focus on Gianni Dessì and Nunzio whose works are an integral part of the Biedermann Collection.

In Italy Nunzio is regarded as one of the most important sculptors of his generation. Born in the Abbruzzo region in 1954, he lives and works in Rome and Turin. The artist, whose signature materials are wood and lead, infuses his works with a powerful sense of balance and harmony. Often working with scorched wood, he creates velvety, intensely black surfaces that absorb and reflect light in a profoundly evocative way.

Nunzio's sculptures are paired and juxtaposed with works by Gianni Dessì, whose diverse oeuvre ranges from small-scale paintings to monumental sculptures and installations. Dessì, lives and works in Rome, the city where he was born in 1955. Trained as a set designer, he often creates large, theatrical figures that blur the distinction between painting, sculpture and installation.


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:


    Museum Biedermann Donaueschingen / modo Verlag Freiburg, 2012 (Language: German, Italian, English)

Dialogue - Trialogue #1 - Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg at Museum Biedermann

30.06. – 03.11.2013, Museum

In addition to exhibitions of the Biedermann Collection, Museum Biedermann regularly throws open its doors to guests. The cooperation with other cultural institutions and artists is of paramount importance. Having presented the Fellows of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg and an exhibition of young Italian artists selected by the Italy-based VAF Foundation in 2012, we will be opening Dialogue - Trialogue, a series of two linked exhibition of works by members of Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg Artists' Association) and their guests in the summer of 2013.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, the Baden-Württemberg Artists' Association has more than 300 members. It was founded in 1955 by a group of renowned painters, among them Willi Baumeister, Otto Dix and Erich Heckel, who sought to support young artists in southwest Germany. The foundation was also driven by the idea of giving artists a firm footing in society, of promoting public interest in their work and of developing an up to date model of art and society. To this day, bringing current artistic positions to the attention of wider audiences throughout Baden-Württemberg remains the foremost goal of the association.

To this end the Künstlerbund presents an annual exhibition hosted by different cities and a wide range of cultural institutions across Baden-Württemberg. Over the course of the last few years the exhibition has been shown in Mannheim, Offenburg and Stuttgart. Head of the Baden-Württemberg Artists' Association is the sculptor Werner Pokorny, whose work we exhibited at Museum Biedermann in 2011.

The first part of the exhibition will feature some twenty artistic positions. Members of the artists' association wishing to participate submit a proposal developed in conjunction with a non-member or even a non-affiliated artists' group of their choosing. The proposal has to be designed with the rooms of Museum Biedermann in mind. The winning artist pairs will be selected by a jury. The exhibition bears witness to the openness of the Baden-Württemberg Artists' Association towards all artists in the state.

Materiality and surface texture, everyday objects and consumer culture, art and science, communication in digital networks, temporality ... these are some of the themes investigated by the contemporary artists all of whom have a connection to Baden-Württemberg.

Participating artists (member - guest): Olga Allenstein - Eva Früh / Beate Baumgärtner - Stefanie Reling / Eva Borsdorf - Margarete Lindau / Willi Bucher - Hans-Jürgen Kossack / Annalisa Cardinale - Linda Eberle / Friedemann Flöther - Philipp Morlock / Irmela Maier - Albrecht Schmidt / Daniel Mijic - Reto Boller / Heinz Pelz - Myriam Holme / Sigrid Perthen - Andreas Bressmer / Christoph Poetsch - Christian Ertel / Thomas Putze - Andreas Welzenbach / Anne Römpp - Julia Wenz / Uwe Schäfer - Roland Schön / Martin Bruno Schmid - Xaver Sedelmeier / Alf Setzer - Micha Ullmann / Eckart Steinhauser - Christine de la Garenne / Markus Strieder - Thomas Deyle / Heinz Treiber - Harald Kröner / Voré - Simon Pfeffel / Elisabeth Wagner - Platino

For the second exhibition, each pair invites a third artist. The dialogue becomes a ‘trialogue'. New works can be added to complement those already on display, but it is equally possible to replace everything with an entirely new selection.

The opening of the second part of the exhibition will be marked by the publication an illustrated catalogue tracing the trajectory of the two presentations and shedding more light on the artistic affinities they explore.

Museum Biedermann in cooperation with the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg


The following publication is available on request for this exhibition:

  • Dialog-Trialog

    The Künstlerbund of Baden-Württemberg at the Museum Biedermann, Donaueschingen
    Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, 2013 (Language: German)