• Carlo Borer, Spaceship 3, 2016 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024

Nature unlimited

05.05.2024 – 27.09.2025, Museum

In the "Nature Unlimited" exhibition at Museum Art.Plus, nature is presented to visitors in the form of drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. However, the nature shown is not threatening, not endangered, but also not romanticised. Instead, visitors will find plenty of harmony, symmetry, energy and positive charisma.

Take these diverse impressions of the exhibition back home with you.

Participating artists:
José Arnaud-Bello (MX), Dario Basso (ES), Carlo Borer (CH), Wim Botha (ZA), Angela Flaig (DE), Ileana Florescu (RO), Jinmo Kang (KR), David Kassman (IL), Bodo Korsig (DE), Reinhard Klessinger (DE), Astrid Köppe (DE), Gerhard Langenfeld (DE), Ulrich Möckel (DE), David Nash (GB), Martin d’Orgeval (FR), Irene Pätzig (DE), Flavio Paolucci (CH), Chanoo Park (KR), Giuseppe Penone (IT), Thomas Putze (DE), Davide Rivalta (IT), Willi Weiner (DE)

Nature paints pictures of infinite beauty for us day after day, but only if we look closely.

John Ruskin

Audioguide "Nature unlimited"

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