Paul Schwer, 2014
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    A few metres further along, in the water of the Brigach and visible from afar, stands the light sculpture GULFF (2014) by Paul Schwer (*1951). It looks like a foreign body in the idyllic surroundings, resolutely yet light-heartedly standing its ground. At night it glows in shades of bright orange and blue, which are reflected in the rippling surface of the river.

    Paul Schwer identifies as a painter, but his practice oscillates between painting and sculpture. With his installations and objects made of painted and deformed PET or Plexiglas panels, he moves beyond the two-dimensional picture plane and extends his painting into space. Entrenched hierarchies, laws, and boundaries between genres and artistic disciplines seem to be suspended and thus open completely new possibilities of painting in three-dimensional space.

Paul Schwer, Gulff, 2014