Branch Portrait

Jinmo Kang, 2009
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    Now it’s back to the Residenzviertel. If you turn into Museumsweg shortly before Schützenbrücke in the direction of Museum Art.Plus, you will find Branch Portrait (2009) by the Korean artist Jinmo Kang (*1956) on your left.

    Metal shoeprints are set into the ground at the foot of a cherry tree, guiding the visitors’ steps directly under the tree. If you follow them and look up, you see an open cube made of mirrors, carefully mounted around a fork in one of the tree’s branches. It opens a fascinating series of infinite reflections and refractions of our own mirror image amid branches, leaves or even blossoms. Art, nature and man come together in a unique symbiosis.

Jinmo Kang, Branch Portrait, 2009