Candy Dome

Paul Schwer, 2021
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    Tall and colourful, the sculpture stands like a lighthouse, signalling a new beginning. A new beginning in art and life after the stifling paralysis of the pandemic.

    It consists of a tapering tower-like core of eight steel tubes held by octagonal rings. This inner geometric support structure is clad with a multitude of irregularly shaped plastic panels of the same size which cover it almost completely.

    There is a great tension between geometry and freeform shapes – bulging, dented, limp or seemingly fluttering in the breeze. The swirling planes of colour seem to set the sculpture in motion. At the fall of darkness, LED rods and/or spotlights highlight the constructive core and set the colourful panels aglow. Coloured light radiates into the surrounding space, bounces off the walls of the museum and bathes the passing viewer in its luminosity.

Paul Schwer, Candy Dome, 2021