Viviana Abelson, 2018
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    Viviana Abelson deals with physicality in an environment that, despite all digitalisation, is still characterised by the utilitarian and user-driven products of an industry geared towards efficiency. What makes Abelson’s work so special is the fact that she does not close her eyes to this, but deliberately turns her attention to things that are not beautiful or appealingly colourful, things that we all too readily ignore even though they are part of our everyday experience. Her works deal with the marginal zones and terminal stops of production and traffic, with the stages of decay of industrial goods, but also link them back to human experience and culture, for example by relating truck tyres to parts of drums. The artist does not make it easy for herself; she seeks a connection to a reality that surrounds us all, even if this may occasionally be painful.

  • Location
    The foyer on the upper floor
Viviana Abelson, Drum SUNBURN, 2018